Monasteries and Monastics

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You may contact me at, or at (831) 336-2114.

These paintings are available as prints (w/wo 2" white mat)
or 5X7 blank greeting cards, and Magnetic Bookmarks, see details below.


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Oil painting of monks.

Oil painting of woman monastic walking to a church in distance.

Oil painting of Monk with Mt. Athos in distance.

"Wisdom On Mt. Athos"
Original Sold

An exchange of ideas.

"Feast Day Journey"
Original Sold

A solitary walk to the Cathedral.

"Rugged Path to Mt. Athos"
Original Sold

The prize in the distance
makes the journey short.


  Oil painting of women monastics walking into sunset.

  St. Seraphim feeding the bear.

  St. Herman on Spruce Island.

"Close of Day"

Sisters walk to Cathedral after
a long day's work.

"Lunch With St. Seraphim"
Original Sold

St. Seraphim befriended
and fed a wild bear.

"The Saint of Spruce Island"
Original Sold

St. Herman walking a
path of Spruce Island.


Oil painting of bear following St. Seraphim.

Oil painting of monk sitting on bank of creek.

Oil painting of two Sisters walking towards Cathedral.

"Autumn Walk with St. Seraphim"
Original Sold

His special bear would
often follow St. Seraphim.

"Stream of Prayer"
Original Sold

A laughing creek, carrying prayers to God

"Cathedral Visit"
Original Sold

Visiting the Cathedral, a special gift to
the Sisters.



Most of the icons and paintings in the Fine Art Galleries are available in the above formats.
All shipping is Priority Mail, prices may be lower if you specify other mailing.

Magnetic Bookmarks, view some samples
$3 each, or 4 for $10 - Finished folded size is 1.75 X 3.5

Icon Pins, 1.5 inches, view some samples.
$3 each, or 2 for $5

8X10 Art Print (premium glossy professional photo paper)
With mat $18 ea. (w/o mat & on backing board $13.00
No backing board $10.00)
1-2 8X10 Prints + $7 s/h
3-5 8X10 Prints + $8.95 s/h
(s/h adjusted if ordering with other products)

5X7 Art Print (premium glossy professional photo paper)
With mat $15 ea. (w/o mat & on backing board $10
No backing board $7)
1-2 5X7 Prints + $7 s/h
3-5 5X7 Prints + $7 s/h

5X7 Card/envelope -(all one design or mixed, on textured matte card stock)
Pack of 5 @ $15.00 + $7 s/h
Pack of 10 @ $27.50 + $7 s/h

You may contact me at, or (831) 336-2114.


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