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Icons of Jesus Christ and The Theotokos, His Mother

The Icons on this page are in private collections or churches,
but may be ordered as professionally mounted icons.

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Icon of Christ with St. Photini

Icon of Christ with children

Icon of Christ the Sower

Christ With The Woman at
the Well, St. Photini

Christ With The Children

Christ The Sower

Icon of Christ Entroned.

Icon of The Theotokos

Icon of Christ.

Icon of Christ Entroned.

Christ Enthroned

Protection of The Theotokos

Christ, Not of This World

Christ The Good Shepherd

Icon of The Theotokos

Icon of Christ Holy Napkin.

Icon of Christ.

Theotokos Living Spring

Christ, The Holy Napkin

Theotokos Tenderness

"The Tradition of the Church is expressed not only through the words, the
action and the gestures used in worship, but also through art - through
the line and colour of the Holy Icons, the "Windows to Heaven."

Icon of Christ the Lightgiver

Icon of the Vladimir Theotokos

Icon of Christ the Lightgiver

Icon of Our Lady Theotokos Pochov

Icon of Christ the Lightgiver

Christ The Lightgiver #3

Theotokos of Tenderness

Christ The Lightgiver #1

Our Lady Theotokos Pochov

Christ The Lightgiver #2

Icon of The Three Generations

Icon of The Three Generations

Icon of Extreme Humility

Icon of Christ the Bridegroom

Icon of Anna and Theotokos

The Three Generations

Christ The Bridegroom, blue

Extreme Humility

Christ The Bridegroom

Saint Anna and The Theotokos

Fr. Luke with wall size head of Theotokos

Icon of platytera, the Mother of God with Christ as Child

Fr. Luke with Icon of The Pantokrator

Head of The Platytera -
detail from the icon at right.

21 foot Platytera (the Mother of God with Christ as child) On artist's canvas
Mounted on ceiling of St. Elijah Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

10 foot Christ, the Pantokrator,
was installed in the dome of a church.

All Icons shown on these pages are previous commissions, with the exception of The Archangel Gabriel on pg 2, which is still in the Iconographer's collection. As noted above, they are available as professionally mounted icons.

Fr. Luke's Iconography is found in many parishes across the country, overseas, and in every major Archdiocese. His faithfulness to traditional Byzantine Iconography has gained him 'official approval' in both the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and, internationally, by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Fr. Luke continues to accept Iconography commissions from churches and individuals, as time permits.


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