Prices may be adjusted for increased costs in goods and shipping.


Fr. Luke's Icons are available in various sizes.

Contact information for ordering can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mounted Icons may vary from the sizes listed below because of the dimensions of the original Icon.
When sizes vary prices are based on the bigger dimension, either height or width.

4X6 @ $16 ($21 for oak)
5X7 @ $22 ($27 for oak)
8X10 @ $30 ($35 for oak) and
11.5X15.5 @ $38 ($44 for oak),- Some icons will not be available in this size.

The above prices do not reflect s/h, which we keep as low as possible.
We always pack orders to the same address together, when possible, to save on shipping.

We order the mounted icons through a one-man workshop so, depending upon the orders
ahead of yours, it could be 3-4 weeks before you receive your order.

Call for bookstore discount information, (831) 336-2114.


Most of the icons and paintings in the Fine Art Galleries are available in the above formats.
Most shipping is via Priority Mail.

MAGNETIC BOOKMARKS ~ view some samples
$3 each, or 4 for $10 - Finished folded size is 1.75 X 3.5

ICON PINS ~ 1.5 inches, view some samples.
$3 each, or 2 for $5

ART / ICON PRINTS (All prints are on glossy professional-quality photo paper)

8X10 Art Print ~ $13
On backing board $16 (which is best for framing)

1-2 8X10 Prints + $7 s/h
3-5 8X10 Prints + $8.95 s/h
(s/h adjusted if ordering with other products)

5X7 Art Print ~ $8
On backing board $10 (which is best for framing)

1-2 5X7 Prints + $7 s/h
3-5 5X7 Prints + $7 s/h

5X7 Card/envelope -(all one design or mixed, on textured matte card stock)
Pack of 5 @ $15.00 + $7 s/h
Pack of 10 @ $27.50 + $7 s/h

You may contact me at LukeDingman.com, or telephone: 831-336-2114.

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